Welcome to ACES WEEKLY Volume 54, Week Six!

Been talking to someone recently on the subject of spreading our word, and I found myself explaining again how varied in nature our subscription base is, and how pleased I am with that multi-faceted quality.  I also found myself expressing puzzlement again about how it is that such a wide mix of fabulous subscribers are so smart and recognize what we do and why, while so many others just don't get it.  If so many comics lovers from so many differing areas of comics appreciation can join together in a love of customarily-styled comics that just happen to be on a screen instead of on paper - thus saving costs, helping the growth of the art form beyond its usual place, and giving more space for talent that needs more space to shine in - what is it that stops so many others from doing the same?  Is it a kind of tribalism?  Fear of change?  Safety in numbers?  Maybe you need to be an individual to bust the borders of the usual to appreciate the unusual - like the visitors to the early Impressionists exhibitions in Paris, who might have loved it but couldn't quite bring themselves to support it in the censorious company of disapproving and close-minded companions.  There, luckily for us all, the new won out!  
For Aces Weekly, the times will change or they won't ; and we hope they will and quickly in our favour, but one thing is for certain - they will keep on rolling!  And with that in mind, let me finally offer the best wishes of all us here at Aces Weekly admin to you for the coming year!  May 2022 bring you everything you want and need, and more besides... : )  And please keep staying safe!

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