Welcome to ACES WEEKLY Volume 54, Week Five!

'Tis the Season of Goodwill, and dead smack in the spirit of it, our Ace, Phil Whitmore, of Mr Custa fame, has asked for one of his fellow cartoonists to be name checked here this week, something we are happy to do for any good egg deserving of it!  In truth, it's a bit of a quid pro quo situation, as Phil has grabbed a character created by Des Langford - the cartoonist in question - to help decorate this week's Custa episode!  Des's, Murf, from his Murf's Meadow stories is the creature seconded for the honourable purpose. To add my own goodwill to the task, I'd be happy to feature some of Des's work here in the virtual pages AW if he decided to submit some wacky thing or other. You can see something of what he does at www.facebook.com/murfsmeadow.  
Finally here, on behalf of all the Aces Weekly admin crew, I want to wish you, our very great subscribers, the very best of times in whatever you'll be doing - or trying to do in trying circumstances - over the coming festive days... : )  And stay safe, whatever you do!

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