Welcome to ACES WEEKLY Volume 54, Week Four!

Friends, Just seen a piece on the news about the growing business of dogs being mutilated for fashion.  What's that to do with what we do here at Aces Weekly?  Well, it's about never catering for moneyed interests for the sake of making a market.  So much of comics has been about doing that for such a long time that we've forgotten about how damaging it's been for the honoured and fabulous wonder of telling great stories in accessible forms, to have had them many times dominated by freakish ones dedicated to a found readership who've become hooked on them, providing a profitable path to good income. There's always money in giving people what their whims might desire at any particular point in time, but here at Aces Weekly we don't chop the ears off dogs for anyone or for any cause.  Take us as we are, or you can go take a walk... : )  Stay safe, y'all!

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