Welcome to ACES WEEKLY Volume 53, Week Four!

Friends, one of the things I'm proudest of with Aces Weekly is the global mix of our of Aces, but it's a mix that rarely has a chance to mingle, so I'm pleased that in Granada this week there'll be a chance to get a drink with two Aces I've yet to spend time with : Luis Roldan and Jesus Barony.  Also along to the show will be David Leach, the Ace creator of the fearless Psycho Gran, who I have previously sunk a few with ; and, of course, there'll be me.  Will I be able to raise a glass with this crew in the same bar at the same time amid the turmoil of it all?  Who knows.  But at least we'll all be together under the same flag of  Aces Weekly, whether it flutters above us all at the same time or not.  And to all of you excellent readers of ours in Spain : we're looking forward to spending time with you, too, because that's why we'll be there!  Please come along if you possibly can : )  And keep staying safe!

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