Welcome to ACES WEEKLY Volume 53, Week Three!

Friends, This October is Black History Month so it's appropriate now to be once again spotlighting here our excellent continuing series, ' Black ', from Anthony Smith and Tobias Taitt, which details the many turbulent times of Tobias's early life. These Aces have received enormous praise for their work from many high figures in the comics world, among them the great Pat Mills, who will need no introduction to most comics readers, but to others can accurately be described as a central force behind the best of British comics, including 2000AD. Generously, Pat wrote this about Black :  ' Very absorbing.  Incredibly and painfully honest.  No holds barred, no subject or person off limits, yet appropriately drawn with suitable artistic restraint.  Great visual storytelling.  It’s a valuable record of life in the 70s.  A text social history of the era couldn’t bring it alive like this.  I especially liked the satirical graphics - the use of adverts from the era.  The comedy matches the dry humour in the words.  As far as I know, no one in the UK has lifted the lid on teenage life in the 70s by portraying it like this in comics.  I’d thought about doing something similar set in the 1960s, but figured that it would be impossible to find an artist who would want to draw social realism with such enthusiasm and insight.  The fact that Tobias and Anthony teamed up so successfully is impressive. '  We like nice reviews like that, and we always want some from you, too - about Black or any of the other strips that our hard-working Aces create for you.  Without love, we wither... : )  Keep staying safe, now! 

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