Welcome to ACES WEEKLY Volume 53, Week Two!

I had a post chat recently with someone who'd just started drawing again after many years, because she'd been inspired by some of my work!  Not only was that nice to hear because it's always good to be inspiring, but it reminded me of some nice attempts that an annual event called The Big Draw has tried to do over time in inspiring anyone and everyone who once drew but no longer did, to renew their passion with a pencil.  As children we all draw naturally and without self-consciousness and we feel the therapy of drawing in the bones of our being as something we benefit from.  As time goes by, and pressures of all kinds surround our fragile frames, we get self-conscious and lose that means of easy expression unless we happen to be part of that crowd like me we call ' artists ' who just can't let it go and have to cling on to it like a lifeline.  But if any of you out there ever yearn to pick up a pencil again, or anything that will make a mark, and want to join in the joy of the work you see here being made by all our artists, don't wait for inspiration, just do it and enjoy that free therapy of expression you once had.  And don't think about how good it is. Or how good it should be.  Just draw for the fun of it.  And have fun.  Remember - you were a child when you first did it, without thinking about it and for the fun of it. Drawing was given to you by the gods.  And for free.  So, use it freely!  : )  And stay safe!

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