Welcome to ACES WEEKLY Volume 52, Week Seven!

Friends, Some good news!  As Covid gets cowed by what we can throw at it, some festivals and events are taking it on!  Some with music, some with comics!  Re this, and in light of our clear mission to always let you know when and wherever you can go to to meet our terrific Aces of  Aces Weekly, I'm very happy to tell you this week that our terrific Aces, Rachael Smith, Lew Stringer, and Marc Jackson will be at the Meanwhile In Coventry festival at Coventry Cathedral on the 18th and 19th September, to say hi, sketch, chat, and show you their latest good stuff as they usually do in more usual times!  Lew's just there for the 18th he tells me, but as he's just a bus ride away he may very well come back for the Sunday that follows if you really show him you want him to do that by crowding him out on Saturday!  I mean, how many great sketches can he draw in one day?  Please go say hi to Lew and these other fabulous creators if you possibly can!  You'll be sorry if you don't!   And I... I will be right here to see you for our next Volume!  : )  Stay safe everyone!

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