Welcome to ACES WEEKLY Volume 52, Week Four!

Friends, Just been up to Hull for a chat and signing after a long time not doing such, and was very glad to meet again another great bunch of the great comics aficionados of the world!  And they remind me again of the passion that makes them - like me - so different to the usual reader of things.  The last time I saw a work in prose eliciting any such similar passion from its readers was in the Harry Potter releases.  We've had that in comics for decades, and for all kinds of stuff, and most of the world doesn't even know how good that stuff is!   And most all the creators of comics are just as passionate, most especially the artists, who are drawn more easily to be hooked and bound to draw comics themselves as their calling after seeing them for the first time. While other artists and illustrators drift from one object to another upon any useful commission arising, we crazy comics people do that thing we've been captured by - because we have to.  And that goes for the comic store owners, too - you'll find few who've not been lured by love.  I look forward to  getting out to more events over the coming months as restrictions ease, and look forward to seeing many more of all those passionate people who come and say hi wherever I am. No cold fishes are wanted in my world, thanks... Though cool ones, always... : )  Stay safe, everyone!

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