Welcome to ACES WEEKLY Volume 52, Week Three!

Friends, I just saw a pal posting he was being creeped out by seeing one of his drawn pics being animated by that tech tool I guess you've all seen by now that makes drawn figures nod and wink at you!  Scarier than that for me, though, is how fast technology is moving to allow any ordinary joe to be able to make his own animated stories of various kinds very easily, to equate and surpass the ' animatics ' of such things as motion comics and similar, thus making any of those things the stuff of yesterday in attractive novelty terms.  In the belief of that fast change coming, I'm more determined than ever to maintain our dedication to comics storytelling in its tried and tested best form, in just the way it is, and always was, whether that be shown through the internet or any other means.  Comics must always be presented in the form they've become known by and loved for - not in any bastardized half-tech form they've embraced for the sake of greater attraction.  Comics creators should feel free enough to use technology for what it can do for comics as they are, not cower before its challenge of change in fear for its future.  At  Aces Weekly we promote the value of comics storytelling as we know it and love it and are determined to preserve it.  We hope you're always with us on just that same terrific page... : )  Stay safe!
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