Welcome to ACES WEEKLY Volume 52, Week Two!

Friends, I've been noting the presence of butterflies recently because there's a threat to them apparently and the general public has been asked to make a note of what we see of them and where.  A great idea of course. So, I've seen about a dozen of these beautiful things fluttering around, and I'll be reporting on that. There's a threat to the beautiful things of comics, too, but nobody's going to be asking the general public to help in saving them - that'll just be up to comics lovers.  Here at Aces Weekly that's all that we want to do - save comics - but we won't be doing that by helping them struggle in a hostile environment.  We'll be doing that by giving them a safe haven where they can be exactly the same as they are in that hostile environment but without the hostile environment.  Oh, wait a minute, we're doing that already!  What am I saying... : )  Stay safe everyone!   

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