Welcome to ACES WEEKLY Volume 51, Week Four!

Friends, Just had a chat with a pal of mine re the appeal of the mainstream of comics ( as defined by the superheroic and adventure/drama of most of it, and its rights and wrongs in bringing us its comfortable conformity to the conventional that marks its general identity  ) and how this settles with the indie comics scene, which is often defined by being sub-cultural and non-conventional though is often nothing but merely a non-mainstream path to the same aim. The conclusion of it : we wonder how many would be happily reading more of this culturally-descriminated-against stuff if they were given no reason to be prejudiced towards it!  The answer : yet to be assessed!  Here at Aces Weekly we try to make a bridge between all the apparently separate areas of interest in comics storytelling. and make the case for all the worlds of it in an interweaving kind of way that reminds us that we're not separate in any way, but only in what we've become to be seen by through the accident of Fate.  We hope we make this attitude of ours clear to you all by what we show here.  Stories have no limit, and no way of telling stories in comics have a limit, and we try to show those boundless means of expression here as much as we can.  And we can only hope you like that... : )  Stay safe, everyone!  

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