Welcome to ACES WEEKLY Volume 50, Week Five!

Friends, This week, first and foremost, it is my duty to warn you of the imminent approach of another creation from the crazy team that brought you Mr Custa - A Rock Star In Space!  As if that strange concoction were not bizarre enough, Phil Whitmore, Bambos Georgiou, and Mychailo Kazybrid, have come together like some horrible cabal to offer you something even stranger - Dr Strange-Glove.  Like Mr Custa, the series has radio show origins, but unlike the former, this latter appears to feature some of the radio show staff in its stories.  We can only hope their friends and relatives will look with kindness upon their involvement in the affair.  I'll get Phil to clue you in to it all much more later, and describe what kind of hallucinations were suffered that led to it, but, for now, you can try it for size and see how it fits.  Like the glove... : )  Stay safe, everyone!  

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