Welcome to ACES WEEKLY Volume 50, Week Four!

Friends, In the course of channel switching recently I bumped into a movie review show on tv that that I never watch, but stayed to watch for some seconds from curiosity over an impressive image the movie being reviewed was showing.  But what happened in those seconds was why I never watch the show : a synopsis followed in various cuts and audio of what the movie was about and going to show me, which would make going to see it a kind of reward to the film makers for them making it, rather than a reward for the experience itself.  At  Aces Weekly we're proud to use an old and tried method to engage your attention : ' Once upon a time... '.  Sure, the effectiveness of that opening depends on the trust you have in the Storyteller and the collection of stories he's gathered for you from so many places along his path to tell you, but if you know he's written some good tales himself, it's a good bet he's worth sitting around the campfire to listen to.  And the last thing you'd want, I'd guess, is for him to settle by that campfire and say, ' You'll love this one!  It's about a little boy lost who's found by a kind widow, and who grows up to fight dragons and finds a princess and becomes king!  You'll love it! '...  Welcome to Week Four of Aces Weekly Volume 50, where we exist to entertain, not simply confirm your expectations... : )  Stay safe! 

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