Welcome to ACES WEEKLY Volume 49, Week Seven!

Friends, I'd guess that among all the consumers of the varying entertainments around us, comic readers rank as being more aware than most of how a comic is made.  Once upon a time, when the casual-reader market of comics was bigger, this was not the case.  But, from the time they became collectibles at dedicated stores, and then became as prized for their creators as the characters they featured, readers wanted to know more of exactly how they were made.  That thought was front of my brain a week back when I was about to describe one of the art giveaways that you all know are regular occurences of our prize draws.  For detailing the latest piece of art, I was going to say, ' For those of you puzzled by those little crosses that look like flies around the sitter, this is what they are... ', but then I thought to myself, I bet they all know what those little crosses are and they'll think, ' I know that!  Whaddya think?  We don't know that? '. I am continuously assured in many ways that we have the smartest, most-clued-in, most-discriminating, and knowledgeable readers in comics here at Aces Weekly, so I'm glad to tell you that I managed to avoid the implication that things might be otherwise... : )  Please enjoy this last fabulous week of  Aces Weekly Volume 49.  Next time on Aces Weekly : the big Five-O!  Keep staying safe!  

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