Welcome to ACES WEEKLY Volume 49, Week Five!

Friends, I just heard the news that music performers here in the UK are agitating for freer, less expensive, access to touring in Europe than they might soon have to suffer through the many restrictive rules that our leaving the EU could cause to be imposed on them.  We here at Aces Weekly wish them the best of luck in their efforts, as we wish all arts and entertainment the utmost freedom to spread their talent as far they can go.  Regrettably, for the art and entertainment of comics, there's always been restrictions to freedom and expenses to pay in any situation of international touring - and never any relaxation of them via any trade alliances across borders.  Originating publishers can never publish under their own banner in other countries, instead they have to find publishers native to those countries to license their originated product and supply it to be re-published.  Deals have to be done, paperwork has to be processed, and rules have to be followed.  That's the way it is and always has been - that is, if it's print on paper.  In cyberspace it's different.  The art and entertainment of comics in cyberspace has no bounds to cross of any restrictive nature.  It will come from the same origin, it will look the same, it will read the same, it will get to you the same way it will anywhere without hindrance and at the touch of a button, and at minimal cost - to the reader and the publisher - wherever you are, and right across the planet.  Good, eh?  I think so.  And, I guess, you must, too...  Stay safe, all!  : ) 

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