Welcome to ACES WEEKLY Volume 49, Week Four!

Friends, remember the words of last week? One of our fellow Aces has acted upon them and has not only blessed some his fellow Aces with compliments here but made it a review of the volume for all his FB pals, which you can see in full on our Ace, Mal Earl's, Facebook page!  Here's an edit of it : ' Aces Weekly's settled into a nice rhythm of content and colour, and the latest volume has a choice selection of talent. Carlos Pascoa serves up an excellently written and illustrated mood piece revolving around the scavenging of a downed alien craft by a mysterious brigade of human (?) astronauts. Im/Purity by Feekins and Lavery is a time-hopping adventure following a displaced 70s Punk-femme with a serious health issue, and is coloured beautifully by Owen Watts. Living the Dream by Fer Calvi is the cream of the crop though. I’ll say nothing about it other than to say it is one of the nicest pieces of comics I’ve read recently, and you really should treat yourself to its subtle delights '. Thanks, Mal - you've spread some warmth in a cold climate... : )  Stay safe, everyone!

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