Welcome to ACES WEEKLY Volume 48, Week Two!

Friends, I've just seen an item on tv about a university study showing that people playing a ' happy ' computer game, rather than a ' blast everything ' computer game, end up happier after it.  Like some other university studies it seems to have concluded what was obvious before it was conducted.  Anyone choosing to play a ' happy ' game are likely to be of a happy disposition, and made happier after a happy game, whereas those wanting to kill things have some need in them to want to kill things, and thus will have a happiness level that comes from catharsis rather than the joyful glee that happy people will get from a happy game, who start with a high happiness level from the onset. I submit.  Anyway... what that all brought to mind again for me was the value of having a mix of ' play '.  In game-playing, I'm sure very few if any spend time on a ' happy ' game, then jump to ' kill-crazy part 4 ' then go to ' city build ' then ' test your brain '.  As in comics readership, people mostly stick fast to what they get a taste for.  But that can build unnecessary fences against a world of new things that could be enjoyed if experienced.  The mix we provide at Aces Weekly is always a wide selection, and I'm sure some of you like some kinds of our stories more than others, but I'm so glad to be hosting a regular variety show of differing talents rather than a solo performer. The world is full of things that can make you happy.  Why settle for one? : )

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