Welcome to ACES WEEKLY Volume 47, Week Five!

Friends, You'll have heard whole bunches of cinemas in the UK and US - not sure bout the rest of you guys - are shutting for a while cos ' they've got no films to show '.  What they really mean is they've got nothing to make enough profit for the entire chain and the franchises that depending them to stay open cos they're so reliant on blockbusters!  The indy movie theaters don't have to rely so desperately on the latest Bond movie  to bail their asses cos they sensibly know there are lots of ' films to show ' they can show to their local audiences that are crowd-pleasing enough to help them survive without the latest Bond, even though they'd naturally prefer the latest Bond in the mix to max their income to the higher level any new Bond movie can provide ( however good it might be... ).
In many ways this resembles the recent situation comic stores have found themselves in - coronavirus-wise - at being suddenly devoid of the latest crowd-pleasers that make so much of their usual regular income.  Some smart stores have relied on their imaginations to survive as well as the justified loyalty of their customers, who they've looked after by supplying them with things they might not have seen in the distraction of all the ' big ' stuff they'd been pushing at them before.  And many have survived in that landscape.  It's proof if proof needed that a good lesson to learn for everyone in any business between a supplier and buyer should not be just be a transactional one, but one built on the true value of the object of the transaction.  The more we drift away from that value, the closer we'll get to being de-socialised in a way that the distancing effects of the virus can only be dreamt of... Stay safe, all..! : )

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