Welcome to ACES WEEKLY Volume 47, Week Two! 

Friends, those of you who were late subscribers to this wonderful enterprise and came to us after Aces Weekly Volume 34 might like to check out Collections in Previous Volumes where one of our great Aces, Stewart Moore, is offering a full collection of the three terrific stories - one in two versions! - we published of his in our past issues.  83 big pages - as we say in our crazy comics world - at an unmissable price!  As is the case in the Flight collection we have showing in the same section of the site, which is also a doozy, this bunch is bought directly through Paypal, with its income going directly to Stewart.  If you want the best bargain of the moment - apart, of course, from this here you're reading right now - go get!  And stay safe, all... : )   

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