Welcome to ACES WEEKLY Volume 46, Week Two!

Friends, those of you with an awareness of comics history have seen the clear homage to Kirby and Ayers that Anthony Smith's, Stories Of The Incredible, represents. Few other styles of art and storytelling echo the mainstream past of comics than that one in particular.  Here it rubs shoulders with the work of Gaspare Orrico, who plays fast and loose with convention in Live Out All The Rest, and the bizarre satire of Paul Rainey's, Why Don't You Love Me, which looks like a newspaper half-pager of Blondie and Dagwood but is anything but.  And then there's the low-key manga look of a sit-com style story about an everyday dragon killer doing his duty to keep the city safe from any fire-breather that might turn up unannounced, in The Black Dragon.  Why am I pointing all this out as if it all means something more together than it does apart? Because all together they show the fabulous variety of effect that can only be seen in the fantastic worlds that art and word can produce in comics.  Not achievable in any similar way in any other form of storytelling. Rejoice in it, my friends - you're living in an exclusive universe populated only by those who are smart enough to be there... : )

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