Welcome to ACES WEEKLY Volume 45, Week Seven!

As comic stores everywhere battle tough times, there's something special about many of the successful ones that's important to note and different to most other kinds of retailers : their success can always be marked by the fact that they make their customers their friends.  Without casting too many aspersions on too many other retailers of other kinds of stores, many too often look on their customers as little more than income-source.  In looking around at lots of different stores opening here in the UK after an eased-down lockdown, I see many of them now trying to be like successful comic stores in suddenly treating their customers as friends, not just units to be tempted into the stores as they usually are by bargains or advertising.  At Aces Weekly we've never had anything in common with these stores who are now waking up to better ways.  As a publisher and a seller, we've always been like those comics stores who've always practised those better ways.  Our subscribers are our friends, who we never take for granted and who we always do our best for and always will... : )     

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