Welcome to ACES WEEKLY Volume 45, Week Six!

Friends, News this week that Jok and Santullo - the terrific team behind Merlin and Hector - have had a print collection of one of the great Dungeons and Burglars stories they created for us nominated for a Trillo award, presented annually at Crack! Bang! Boom!, the Argentinian comics festival organised by Eduardo Risso!  And another collection from the Dungeons series we originally featured here in Aces Weekly is now on sale via the Virus imprint from Heavy Metal.  We're happy to pass on this news to you, not only because all good news about our Aces is worth shouting about, but because without your support first as subscribers for those very special and sophisticated fantasy tales from our past volumes, those republications would not have happened.  We always know something great here when we see it, and we're especially glad if we happen to be the first to bring a great thing to its first, most deserving readership of patrons - you... : )

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