Welcome to ACES WEEKLY Volume 45, Week Four!

Friends, just a note this week on what our blog is running for you all to go read now.  The extraordinary Ace creator of The Bootes Void in Aces Weekly Volume 34 and the amazing adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson's story, Thrawn Janet, in volume 28 - the excellent Stewart Kenneth Moore - is grilled in the last part of a 3-part interview, the first two parts of which are also there to be read!  There's more Aces to be explored there, too, if you don't know that already. Yet to pay it a visit?  Start right now http://acesweeklyblog.com/phat-fury-interviews-stewart-kenneth-moore-part-33/  If you're a newer subscriber who's missed Stewart's work, those back volumes I mentioned are ready and waiting, as are all our great back volumes - never out of print and always front of shelf!  Keep staying safe, everyone...  : )

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