Welcome to ACES WEEKLY Volume 45, Week Two!

Like others in these lockdown times I've been exploring the archives more than usual, and seeing some great tv of the past. Great tv of the past has a lot in common with great comics of the past because just like great past comics, a great tv episode of the past had no guaranteed extra life beyond its first glorious airing.  Like the comics biz, tv turned out a lot of material that wasn't expected to last - it was here today and gone tomorrow - and was unloved by culture snobs because of it. Comics were viewed with similar disdain.  Now though, lots of past tv - recent and not so recent - can be seen again, in box sets and on varying channels. The temporary has become permanent!  The once momentary now lasts. No such lucky circumstance blessed comics though, and could not in the form in which they've usually manifested. But what we do at Aces Weekly can go some way towards helping change that for the future in the same way that tv has been able to, because we're as widely accessible through cyberspace as all those tv shows are, and as ready to order on screen!  Will we get to reach that readership we deserve through that easy access for comics we can make now, and shake off that mantle of the momentary that still clings to what we do?  We can only keep trying. We're here today, and we'll still be here tomorrow... : )

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