Welcome to ACES WEEKLY Volume 43, Week Seven!

A few items this intro:  Firstly, Tobias Taitt's real-life story of tough times - Black - takes a break here, though it'll continue in Aces Weekly Volume 45.  We're proud to be presenting this strip - the first we've run that depicts a reality we're hardly aware of and rarely get to know about as we consign the care of the vulnerable to those we just imagine are properly cared for.  Happily, good strips can inform as well as entertain.  
Second : Stephen Goodman's entry into our script contest of last year is the final one to be seen in our Extras section this week.  Like all the others who entered the contest and have been featured in our pages, Stephen took no prisoners in his effort.  All the fine entrants, including the winner, are here listed : Stephen Goodman, Mark Howard, Tom Dunn, Brett Hamilton, Pete Wardle, Ed Whiting, David Thomas, and Michael Powell.  Watch out for all those guys, you could be hearing more from them.
Lastly, please note that a big bunch of great Aces will be at London Film And Comic Con Spring on the 29th Feb weekend, including, John McCrea, Stephen Baskerville, Rachael Smith, David Leach, Yel Zamor, and your friendly publisher!  We all love you and we want to see you, so come along and say hi if you can... : )

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