Welcome to ACES WEEKLY Volume 43, Week Six!

This year's famous Angoulême Festival of Comics has just concluded in France. Comics creators from all corners of the globe congregate there - just like they do here at Aces Weekly - with the intention of celebrating and selling a great  diversity of styles of art and story to lovers of strips of all kinds - just like we do here at Aces Weekly!  There are very few festivals like Angoulême in the world, where so much of such variety from so many places mixes together, and with so many people from different places.  At least two of our Aces were at that show.  They came from widely separated points on the planet, and though I was able to contact them easily enough I missed the chance of urging them to meet up there somewhere. If they had, they would have got on well without question - not only because I know them well enough to know that, but because, as we all know, nothing unites us more with our fellows, wherever they come from, than a love for this fabulous art form.  We must get more people reading comics.  It would solve a lot of problems in the world, I think, and some that are closer to home... : )

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