Welcome to ACES WEEKLY Volume 41, Week Six!

Friends, For purposes of promoting Aces Weekly, I've been asking our Aces - our fine contributors - to spread the word of Aces Weekly to any home or international audience they encounter via simple flyers that we've used for some time, and which have an entirely English text, apart from reference to  local currency costing.  For reassurance of their effectiveness internationally, I added that we were blessed by a widespread knowledge of English amongst comics-reading communities abroad, and thus have a reach to a receptive audience that might not be available to others who might reach out beyond their country's boundaries to others.  But there's something else about the international comics-reading community that isn't relevant to the point of any one of them becoming converts to the Aces Weekly cause, but which I wanted to mention here to all of you in case you weren't aware of it already from your own perceptions and experiences, and seen it from travels of your own.  They are all - we are all - united in the love of a very special medium.  You might say that this is no different to saying the same about movies and movie fans or similar, but it is different because of the way the culture of most countries still judges ' comics ' -  i.e. with very little regard - thus making those champions who choose to champion it lonely heroes in defenders of its honour.  That is what unites as all, beyond any language barriers or anything else that might separate us.  And though I often complain about the wall that separates paper-comics lovers from cyber-comics lovers, I am grateful for the borderless love that exists for all of comics amongst all of us, on whatever side of that wall we may be... : )

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