Welcome to ACES WEEKLY Volume 42, Week 4!

Friends, I'm hearing many of you are preferrring to read Aces Weekly in one block at a volume's completion via our splendid Week2Week system, rather than as each week's episode appears.  I'm guessing for many this is a product of having acquired a comic-book reading habit in the absence of a Sunday-pages reading habit, which is completely understandable considering the disappearance of comics pages from hundreds of newsapers that used to have them. In contrast, I grew up on daily pages of comics as well as weekly comics, and loved seeing every step of an adventure as it happened, or every funny story in installment. It was like experiencing a great moment in the day with the pleasant expectation of another one on the next day, or the next week. And even in my position now as editor/publisher, if I can do so, I still prefer to see finished pages of weekly episodes just before they're published, in order to enjoy those moments of time again - those breaks in the day - that staccato bunch of surprises and laughs. Of course, I still shout about the fact that every single one of our volumes is the equivalent of six full comic books in length. I just prefer not to read them that way first... : )

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