Welcome to ACES WEEKLY Volume 42, Week Three!

Friends, two items for this week's introduction : firstly, late news for those who didn't see it posted on our FB page - Ace Anthony Zicari got an award from Space Coast Comic Con, the Spacie Award for Best Indie Writer!  So Congratulations to Anthony for that!  Always good to get a prize for hard work and sterling efforts! Secondly, we have a nice letter of appreciation for John Kaiine's extraordinary, Brown Bread, of last volume, from Hadas Elber-Aviram ; ' I am writing in just to say how much I enjoyed John Kaiine's, Brown Bread : Seven Obituaries, in Volume 41. The art was gorgeous, the prose haunting, and the full effect was wistfully poetic, rather like a modern-day Lord Dunsany.  Many thanks for your wonderful, high-calibre comics. Always a pleasure .'  Thanks for that, Hadas, I know John was pleased to read that!  And I'm glad you like what else we're doing, too...  : )

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