Welcome to ACES WEEKLY Volume 41, Week Five!

Friends, adding to our announcements of great Aces who'll be out and about and amongst you all in coming weeks, please note the upcoming appearance of the terrific Gary Whitlock at Coventry Comic Con next weekend, on Saturday, September 28th!  As you all know, Gary's responsible for the wacky Drell's Marauders, which we've proudly featured in several volumes of Aces Weekly in the past and hope to feature in more volumes to come!  Gary is one of those guys who can not only draw his own cast of characters with perfection, but can also draw any famous cartoon character you can name as easily.  It speaks to the weight of his influences. Like many of us, including me, he's seen the best, does his best to honour them, and, because of that, makes great things that influence others. Nothing bad about that, eh?  So, go see Gary if you can.  He'd love to see you... : )

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