Welcome to ACES WEEKLY Volume 40, Week 5!

Two items this intro, friends!  We're very pleased to say that Dungeons and Burglars - the terrific fantasy satire we published first in these virtual pages has been nominated for two awards in Argentina : one specifically for the script of Rodolfo Santullo, and the other for the project as a whole.  We wish Jok and Santullo all good luck, and we couldn't be prouder here at Aces Weekly to have hosted their brilliance!  Next item: A great bunch of great Aces will be at the London Film and Comic Convention next weekend, including Lew Stringer, David Leach, Rachael Smith, and yours truly!  If you're at the show, make sure you come see all of us.  We love our subscribers and we always want to see you whenever we can.  Till then... : ) 

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