Welcome to ACES WEEKLY Volume 40, Week Four!

These days it's easy to take the ease of global reach for granted. How far away from you is the international friend you most interact with on the net, and how far away is the one you most interact with in the nation you live in? And then, how far away is the nearest neighbourhood friend you are most in contact with on the net? And, most importantly, does that distance make any difference to you when it comes to sharing a common understanding?  One of the greatest advantages of being connected on the web is that, barring the efforts of those who willfully deceive us for their own ends, we can all be one in some common cause across the entire planet - wherever we are, whether near or far. Whether it's about plastic in the oceans or anything else, we can all be together, though we're apart.  Without trying, Aces Weekly has made a link like that - in having a wide reach of readers, and enabling a global cast of creators. It's happened by accident with us, but we've become a wider community of readers and creators than I initially expected would be the case. And what a very great pleasure it is to realize that's what we've done!  Hello, world... : )

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