Welcome to ACES WEEKLY Volume 40, Week Three!

Friends, this week we've an apology to make!  It's principally aimed at all those enjoying Aces Weekly week by week rather than in the completed volume box-set blast that others enjoy us through.  Those formerly-mentioned readers will likely be getting a feeling of deja vu from seeing this week's pages of Reflection, because those pages have been published previously in this volume as those of Week 1!  This goofiness happened because the arrangement of pages supplied to us for Reflection got all mixed up somewhere along the line, and when we found out about it later we had to to untangle them all and publish in the proper order asap!  We are very sorry for this!  And to complicate things even further, this means you'll have to go back and read this volume's Reflection contribution anew from Week 1 so you're properly kept in sequence with the happenings of the story!  We're imperfect in many things here at Aces Weekly, but when we reveal our imperfections, we always hope they'll be minor ones rather than major ones.  I hope this major one has not diminished your enjoyment of us too much.  We can only pledge to try harder in future, and ask for your patience while doing so... : ( 

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