Welcome to ACES WEEKLY Volume 40, Week Two!

I've just been to an event at which I was kindly asked - in the usual run of many nice things asked - to say something about what I was doing now, which, of course, means Aces Weekly.  During the chat I talked of the unquestionable advantages of the distribution of our strips through the net when compared to print, but, at the end of the chat, before the close, the host of the broadcast in question felt compelled to say ' there are advantages to both forms of distribution ' in order, I can only imagine, to not be seen as an agent of chaos in the smooth universe of the status quo. I certainly understand that position of safety from someone who's constantly dealing with the major print publishers in the usual  run of things, but, in truth, there are NO advantages in the print/paper distribution system of comics unless you believe that the nature of comics storytelling depends on paper/print for its entire identity.  If you don't, there is no contest.  We win hands down. I live in hope that the demands of the business will at sometime free its officially unassigned, but clearly designated, PR ambassadors from giving automatic defences of the indefensible.  For the sake of a better future for everyone wanting to tell their stories through the non-paper door of access to readers rather than the restricted one of the print world, we need real truth to be seen.  Our target at Aces Weekly was always to make comics easier to see and enjoy by everyone than they have become over time and circumstance, and that aim has never wavered.  We hope you'll all always enjoy that determination of focus we have, and stick with us because of it, because, trust me, we're never swerving from it... : ) 

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