Welcome to ACES WEEKLY Volume 39, Week Six!

Friends, as you know, I'm always asking for messages from you all and we got one recently from someone who had seen my repeated appeals and wanted to share his thoughts with us.  It happens to be one I didn't expect, because it's from one of our own Aces - the excellent, Josh Spiller, writer of Time Fracture! and Symbolism Rewired.  I initially thought of not using it, and told Josh so - an Ace complimenting Aces Weekly and its other Aces?  Bias, there, surely!  But I'm glad to have got Josh's thoughts and I couldn't deny those he's complimented from reading his praising words!  Thanks, Josh : ) : ' I’m shamefully behind the times, but have just read vol 36, and thought I’d give my thoughts. There was a great variety of storytelling genres ( off-kilter realist satire, action, cosmic and musical wackiness, cartoon craziness, and classic fantasy mixed with urban grimness ), and this is definitely a big plus.  For my tastes, Psycho Gran had some great drawings ; Love Her Madly was probably the best written and did an excellent job of capturing something of the flavour of contemporary life, although, if part 7 was the proper conclusion of the story, I felt the ending needed something more.  But no doubt the outstanding strip was Bo Hampton’s, Hornbook. This was mainly due to the spectacular art, which feels like classic comic art in approach, storytelling finesse, and facility with the pen ( a very high compliment indeed ). The strip’s richly-imagined, fantastical world, with its jungles, beasts, and monsters, is also superb, and the two-world narrative is intriguing.  Best to all of you, and keep up the great work. '

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