Welcome to ACES WEEKLY Volume 39, Week Five!

One of the things I like about introducing people to Aces Weekly at events is the opportunity to personally address any negative viewpoint expressed to me on the value of the cyberspace comics experience in comparison to the commonplace of print/paper.  At a show, I can hear directly from anyone about any prejudices they may have against original digital, or any other reasons they may have not to try it out before debating with them and persuading them to do the opposite, via one volume of Aces Weekly they can take to sample at home.  At a two or 3-day show, I may also have the chance to see those people again, and personally hear a report of their experience.  Here's just such a report that I'm very pleased to display here from a great writer, Keith Davidson.  As you know, I always ask for letters of comment to run here from all of you, and this counts as such, as well as being an endorsement of the effectiveness of the pioneering that I, and all of you, are doing in supporting this world of change : ' I’ve never been a big fan of online comics, preferring to read a hard copy in my hands, but that’s all about to change... thanks to ACES WEEKLY.  It’s easily the best digital comic site I’ve seen.  I’m impressed by the huge selection of comics, the wide variety of both story-telling and artistic styles, and by the amount of really high-quality work.  I also appreciate that it’s so easy to navigate around the site -- I’m not computer savvy, so that’s a big plus.  Job well done! '.  Thank you, Keith... : )

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