Welcome to ACES WEEKLY Volume 39, Week Two!

Here at Aces Weekly we're very proud of our Aces, and we're happy to direct our readers to wherever they can see more of them than they know from us.  But, like Stan Lee in his pioneering days at Marvel, we feel a need to stop short of giving the competition too much free advertising.  Stan used to refer to all such rivals as Brand Ecch, and we feel an even stronger need to divert our readers than he did because we're in an even tougher place with our pioneering now than he was then!  That said, we always try to do our best for the Aces who've done their best for us, so, please check out what the great Dave Hine - of our amazing, Cowboys And Insects, in Volume Five - is up to with Brian Haberlin at Image, in a series coming in June, called, Sonata.  And go see what Rik Hoskin - who wrote the wacky Wikkaman - has to say about his work at www.dynamite.com/boards/forum/general-dynamite-discussion-forum-comics-tpb-s-news-ect/52667-rik-hoskin-talks-white-sand-vol-3-ogn-hc-on-sale-in-june See you right back here next week... : )

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