Welcome to ACES WEEKLY Volume 38, Week Six!

Just one thing to mention in this week's introduction : the latest creator interview on our Aces Weekly blog is with Ace artist, Brian Corcoran, whose extraordinary and detailed drawings illustrate the dark drama ' Deophonic, Or The Old Sow That Eats Her Farrow ' in Aces Weekly, Volume 22.  Please read what this terrific artist has to say about his art on  our blog.  We're proud to have featured his work in Aces Weekly and hope to be able to show more of it in the future.  If you're a late subscriber, or you're reading this as a back-volume buyer, do yourself a favour and get Volume 22 If you haven't got it already.  You should know that if you like comics to be especially challenging and different from the usual run you find in most other places, then Martin and Brian's story alone will be worth the price of the volume to you... : )

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