Welcome to ACES WEEKLY Volume 38, Week Five!

' You're only as good as your last hit ' is something commonly said about creators in the music and movie biz.  Those two businesses are generally considered the toughest in the entertainment industry, and no-one's surprised hearing that said about the creators in those industries.  In contrast, the comics biz is perceived to be nothing like as tough in its nature. An aspect of general lightheartedness is present in the comics world, and its concentration on fun and action character content, rather than creators themselves, suggests to those unknowing that comics are the simple product of a happy crew of anonymous helpers, like Santa's elves, who are busily making things of no real weight  that rarely change, like teddy bears or toys, rather than making stuff that really matters, made by individuals with individual ideas.  At Aces Weekly we proudly showcase individual ideas from individuals most all the time, and we don't care much about producing a bunch of characters who are endlessly conveyor-belted because they're safe sellers in the ' business ' of comics.  Instead we revel in the fabulous, multi-faceted, and unlimited worlds of possibility that comics art can create outside it.
On the other hand, anyone out there with something we can make an action figure of, let us know... ; ) 

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