Welcome to ACES WEEKLY Volume 38, Week Four!

I've just been at one of those smaller comics conventions that have a nice mix of people doing more things than just comics, with the mix of things that such smaller events usually have, and with more small press comics being sold than big press.  One of the benefits of these smaller shows as opposed to the bigger shows is that tables interact more. Now, I'm like a racehorse at most events : out of the starting gate on the job, and blinkered. But it's good to be at smaller events to look around and notice the specific kinds of things that can happen in such shows, which includes seeing how the small press often has more power to convert non-comic readers to becoming comic readers through them selling in a cosier atmosphere than comic stores mostly possess and presenting a wider range of subject-matter to the sceptical. I'm glad to say I witnessed such a conversion at the show I'm describing.  And the converted was someone who'd spent a great deal of years being ignorant of their best value. As someone who's obviously passionate about this art form of ours, it's not only good to see such things, but they also energise the spirit to pioneer, as we do at Aces Weekly, in trying to reach more non-readers of comics ourselves, and turn them devilishly into more like all of us... : )

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