Welcome to ACES WEEKLY Volume 37, Week Seven!

If you're active on social media where any chat on comics is, you might have seen debate arising from recently-aired views on comics from a particular tv host who, apparently, is unimpressed by them.  Many of the public are similarly unimpressed by them, and it doesn't matter - in the same way that it doesn't matter that many are unimpressed with poetry. Poetry readers and poets don't get very upset by this situation, although many try to change it if they have a chance to in various ways, as I, and others like me want to change some peoples views of comics.  But, unlike poetry readers, lots of comics readers seem to have become unduly hurt by this tv host's views, as if it was an attack on them, and one they had to defend themselves against.  It's an understandable response from some, because comics and their readers have been subject to varying forms of abuse over many years ; but over-reacting to more of it is liable to confirm the truth of some of them : that we’re sensitive souls protecting our love of something fragile and needing insulation from the cold.  Forget it, friends!  Comics are tough.  We're tough.  Enjoy them all.  Especially, of course, here, in the very tough, Aces Weekly... : )

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