Welcome to ACES WEEKLY Volume 37, Week Four!

I always think this time of the year is the worst time for making New Year's Resolutions that demand optimism.  Firstly, it's Winter - dark, short, cold days, only rarely brightened by snow ( but then making slush or deadly ice ).  On top of that, we're all just out of two major joy-making times.  And what happens when you come out of a big high?  A big drop!  And in that depression of winter that's combined with the inevitability of going back to the grind, we're supposed to make positive decisions about the betterment of our lives?  No, not the best time to do it.  Better it be Spring or Summer to make such things, when positivity is easier to find against a background of new life and sunshine... However, we're stuck with the way things are, and we all have to stick our chins out and make the new leaf of our New Years Resolutions in the absence of any new leaves in nature.  I wish you all good luck in sticking to them whatever yours may be, but I hope that one of them will be to stick with us here at Aces Weekly.  Ours is, as always, to always to do the best we can for you - even though we sometimes fail - and that resolution, whatever the year, will never change as long as we're around to make it :  )

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