Welcome to ACES WEEKLY Volume 37, Week Three!

I don't recall the last time that two weeks of Aces Weekly began on Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve consecutively, and without checking calendars, I'd guess the only time it could have happened  previously in our history is if we'd been publishing for a very much longer period than we have been, in which circumstances the Aces Weekly production staff would probably now be hunched over their laptops under a Dickensian covering of dust and cobwebs!  So, in light of the relative youthfulness of our publishing age, this momentous happening is a bit like one of those rare and fleeting comet appearances, a one-off to be relished while it can be!  So, two Aces Weekly volume weeks, one after the other, have begun on two Eves of 2018 on two fine days that represent good times, goodwill, and optimism.  All of it very pertinent to us here at Aces Weekly - where we love having good times by enabling our fine Aces to give you good times, and where we're always optimistic about the future!  So, its a fabulous and appropriate double celebration for us to have and to share with you all this week.  And what better to end with, than to thank you for all for sharing it with us by being our loyal and loved subscribers : )  Please have a wonderful 2019!

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