Welcome to ACES WEEKLY Volume 37, Week Two!

Friends, we have to start with an apology. 
Though I hate to use the word curse when referring to this holiday season of joy, it has to be said that this period has its cursed drawbacks - like shortening work-time for contributors through the unusual commitments that holiday events impose upon them.  I regret to say that for the first time in our history, Aces Weekly has suffered from this circumstance, and we apologise for it.  Our super Sicarios team are the sad casualties of this circumstance, having slipped on the metaphorical ice and missed our regular deadline in this special week of the year.  They'll be back next week, I'm glad to say, but there's an unfortunate hole where they should be in this one, which we were unable to fill due to the extreme lateness of its appearance.
As ever, of course, there's lots to enjoy in our pages apart from the missing Sicarios episode, so we hope you won't suffer too much from the loss of it this week - especially when there might be a lot going on around you to distract you from it!
With the hope of your forgiveness, and our repeated pledge to always try to do our best for you, we finally want to take this opportunity to wish you all the finest of times in the holidays and a very Happy Christmas!  And see you next week : )

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