Welcome to ACES WEEKLY Volume 36, Week Six!

Last week we lost one of the most important, influential, and inspirational figures in comics.
  Stan Lee was synonymous with Marvel Comics, the company he helmed, and for which he became the brand.  Many creators were deeply marked by what he created and, in part, became creators themselves because of it - I count myself amongst them.  I asked some of this volume's contributors to say something about what Stan Lee meant to them. First, from Jack Briglio : ' I was making comics when I heard of Stan Lee's passing. And I’m glad I was. I thought he’d live forever, but the stories he did with all his co-creators will outlive us all. RIP Stan Lee '. From Robert Wells : ' If the young me hadn’t bought a copy of X-Men #113 in 1978 and become hooked on Marvel Comics, I think I’d be a very different person now.  At the very least, I’m not sure if I would have developed a love of reading and a desire to draw '. From Rik Hoskin : ' My passion for Marvel Comics began at age five, with Stan Lee leading the charge. Those stories appeal as much to me now as they did then because, beyond the bombast, the boldly-named characters, and the astonishing alliteration, Stan wrote characters full of humour, quirks and humanity, that continue to inspire '. Finally, from Nick Taylor :  ' Stan 'The Man' Lee's warm, witty and welcoming voice radiating from his soapbox columns and blasting off the comic book page in the 60's and 70's made you feel as though you were part of something amazing. No amount of cosmic rays could have had the same impact. Lee's legacy is astonishing, and his tales have brought me joy during good times, and helped and inspired me through dark times. I've been a true believer from a young age and am still as enthralled by his work now as I was the first time I discovered Spidey and the FF and so many more. His collaborations with Steve Ditko and Jack 'King' Kirby will live on to bring joy to millions for decades to come!! Thank you, Stan, for the mighty world of Marvel you gave to us! Excelsior!! '.  It's common to say of important figures in many walks of life that they will never be forgotten, but it's not always the case. I think we're safe in saying that will certainly be the case with the extraordinary, Stan Lee... : )

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