Welcome to ACES WEEKLY Volume 35, Week Seven!

Readers, it’s appropriate that in this last week of Aces Weekly Volume 35, the fearsome figure of Psycho Gran once more graces our virtual pages, for this volume is the last to appear before September 30th - Aces Weekly's Sixth birthday! - and David Leach's awesome creation was a welcome addition to our very first volume, 35 massive volumes ago, on September 30th, 2012.  Yes...( choke! )... it's a Psycho Gran sandwich..!  And despite the daunting mental image which that situation alone presents, with your support we look forward to making it a triple-decker...  In more news, John Short, the clever writer of this volume's Sebastian Darc and WESTERN Inc in Volume 22, is at Preston Comic Con next weekend.  If you're there, go say hi, and wish him a happy birthday!  Well... us, that is... : )

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