Welcome to ACES WEEKLY Volume 34, Week Seven!

Now and again, and in the right context, I often portray Aces Weekly as being like the Sunday pages, which, to those of you who aren't aware of the term or what it describes, refers to the Sunday comics section - a rich assortment of styles and stories for a general audience that was once a regular addition to the week's output of most US newspapers before their need to maximise income from advertising space led to them taking space away from simply entertaining the readers.  Newspaper comics suffered a similar fate here in the UK, too, but that's another story.  Depending on the varying mixes we put into our Aces Weekly volumes, we vary in our resemblance to the Sunday pages, but, in this volume - with Booda's input - we've gone beyond a general mix and into one that covers ground that would never be covered in anything but a very sophisticated Sunday section. It's our strength that we can do that, and do it without ever having to think of being supplanted by advertising, because, unlike the newspapers, our only need is to entertain the readers... : )

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