Welcome to ACES WEEKLY Volume 33, Week FIVE!

As you may remember, we told you we were going to upgrade the Aces Weekly publishing, production, packing, distribution, and delivery machine - otherwise known as our website - and this is underway right now.  You'll also remember that I asked you to express your own wants or needs re this upgrade, and we got some from you. There may still be time to hear more from you in this regard if you'd like to tell us.  We're here to serve if we can.  One of the things we'll be adding to future volumes is an extra language facility, with our first planned being Spanish.  We'll see how this goes, but it's one of the ways we want to use to gather more Aces Weekly readers, and, as Spanish is one of the world's widely-used tongues, it seemed like a good place to start. If you've any Spanish-speaking friends, you can tell them we're coming! And, as I've asked, please ask us for more and better if you wish to.  If we can, we always want to be more good for you than we are already... : ) 

Remember, we always want to hear from you. Ask questions, talk to us all, post to our blog, and see us over at facebook.com/acesweekly. Or send mail to info@acesweekly.co.uk to see it right here, whatever you want to say!