Welcome to ACES WEEKLY Volume 33, Week FOUR!

Your fortunate publisher has just been at the East Coast Comicon in New Jersey where I was pleased to meet some great Aces Weekly subscribers, and introduce many potential subscribers to what we do through selling our smart code cards.  As a ' thank you ' for trying us I always do a quick sketch to accompany the card. They're simple ones because they need to be economical in time and cost terms, but even if I had no such pressures to guide the form of them, they would still be simple because simple is all I've ever been able to do in a convention table setting, unlike many of my esteemed colleagues in the craft who astound me with the skill and creativity they exercise in producing sketches for their table visitors.  I see many of these sketches in the comic art collectors' sketch books that visitors have and want me to contribute to, and I am always impressed and surprised by what I see in those pages - done in the middle of noise and crowds.  What a fantastically-talented bunch of people I'm privileged to be a part of in the production of this means of storytelling.  And, if you don't mind me saying so, you're all privileged to be entertained by them... : ) 

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