Welcome to ACES WEEKLY Volume 33, Week TWO!

Remember, we always want to hear from you...  No, you haven't skipped my usual intro by mistake!  I'm repeating that weekly plea for emphasis this time, because I was recently reminded of a time when there were very few conventions or similar events that creators could get personal reader feedback from.  Letters To The Publisher pages were the only inadequate channels through which a creator could sometimes see the effect his or her work was having on those it was made for. This led to many creators having no idea about their value to their readers - and many suffered because of it.  Real artists - and by that I mean all honest creative individuals - always need reassurance of their worth.  Some, of course, need no such help and have huge egos to comfort themselves through life's journey!  But believe me, they are VERY few!  I appreciate and treasure every good word said to me or written to me about my work, and it  gives me a personal armour that shields me through the many kinds of slings and arrows of existence, whether they be from work or otherwise.  So... If you like anything you see here at Aces Weekly, do these hard-working creators a favour and tell them that with a message to us.  Trust me, they'll love it. More importantly, they need it... : )

Remember, we always want to hear from you. Ask questions, talk to us all, post to our blog, and see us over at facebook.com/acesweekly. Or send mail to info@acesweekly.co.uk to see it right here, whatever you want to say!